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Monday, November 14, 2011

Side Patio

Major renovation is undergoing. We're adding a side patio extending to all the way back across the kitchen and to the back room. We're adding a living area to the back room planning for it to be a guest room or recuperating room and also a room for Ajim. The kitchen patio will serve as an outdoor kitchen cum utility area. The side patio will be for outside dining and outside entertainment area. I particularly want it to be a relaxing area peaceful enough to do yoga hehe. More will followup once the project is completed.

New Shared Fencing

The shared planters between our house and the house next door is no more there. The neighbor wanted to beautify their house and wanted to tear down the divider and put in place fancy wooden fences. After much exchange of words, the walls remain, but out goes the planter and in come the mini wooden fence. As much as the owner wanted to beautiful their house, in a way it did give our house some enhancement too. We painted the gate with the currently popular copper glitter to match the wooden fencing and the result is good. Pictures will be added soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are beautiful by it's own standard. In an English Garden layout, wild flowers are widely use for it's variety of flowers and shrubs. Well how about our own wild flower. There is one type of wild flower that I want to share here which I think is typically Batu Hitam. The plant can be found in Beserah favouring sandy soils. The flowers are pink and white with the pink more easy found.

After neglecting my garden for sometime I'm slowly picking up the hobby. The thought of this beautiful pink wild flower comes to mind. So we set out to pick this pink wild flower from an open patch near the beach. Into a pot it goes and the result is beautiful.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bouganvillae (Bunga Kertas) for Birthday

We celebrate everyone's birthday here at home. Sometimes with a surprise birthday cake, a kid's birthday party and sometimes celebrated at restaurant while we were traveling. Birthday presents are sometimes big sometimes small depend on budget. We got a Bouganvillae plant for my husband's 40th birthday. The plant is made of three plants of different color. Specially done ... beautiful.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Favourite plants - Kemboja

We bought this plant very small. At one time in our busy life, we simply had neglected the plant. Then it started to flower profusely. We pampered it since then.

The rambutan tree

When we moved back to Kuantan after a short work stint in Senawang the rambutan tree had grown taller than the house. As it was incredibly near the house my husband decided to cut it down. This is one of his dare devils act. It was actually drizzling when he was up the tree.

Too much green...

so we bought some flowering plants. From our trip to Cameron Highlands we took back some pretty roses.

The plant Nyah gave also flowered.

These purple plants were planted by our neighbour Kak Ji. We helped pull out weeds and water them. They make beautiful border plant. Small shrub like plants. Also available with white flowers.

Picked this up from the field upfront. The color is too beautiful to resist so it ended up in our backyard. When pulling out careful not to break the plant as it breaks easily. Pull out low to include the roots.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beautified Porch Garden

This porch is originally the car drive to the house. We later made it a porch garden with small entrance gate. On many days we placed the cloths hanging there. It get the most of the sun.

Teratai (Water Lily)

Water Lily seems to be an icon to Pahang where one can find it in abundance at Tasik Cini. We wanted to grow water plant in our pond so we bought this beautiful pink water lily. When we placed it in the pond, the flowers never made it. The fish loved it. I managed to salvage the roots and placed it aside hoping for it to grow. Today it bloomed in threes and fours!!

Weeds in the Cracks

April 2007 we moved to Seremban. We left the house empty and most of our plants died out. It was a poor sight. In the midst of the chaos the weeds in between cracks showed up beautifully...

Some unique flowers

This plant, I got from my parents place in Gombak. Very nice, small and compact. The leave can be cooked in masak lemak. However, I never tried it my self. Then one day it flowered...

This shrub has beautiful purple flowers. It looks very Mediterranean. When the flowers had died off tried to induce more flowering by dead hedging. It never did give a full flowering and just got ugly.

Then the children wanted gold fish

Water Feature

We decided to make a pond and raise Koi fish. My husband have no fish preference; just whatever fish he can get his hands on - talapia, toman etc. The suitable area would be the front corner of our front yard where the big hibiscus is. Then there's a big aloe vera type of plant there. So we decided to build the pond around the big aloe vera type plant. We will also decorate the pond with river stone we collected from Sungei Lembing. The result is not bad.

My Orchids Start to Bloom

Orchids are hard to grow. Maybe much so at a place with ocean breeze. Orchids love dampness enough sun and fertilizers. I use a lot of coconut husk with charcoal as the earlier is easy to find in Batu Hitam

Latar Belakang Rumah Kami

Rumah kami menghadap Laut China Selatan berhampiran pantai Batu Hitam. Dengan kehangatan angin pantai keadaan agak kering untuk bertanam. Namum Batu Hitam diangerahkan Tuhan dengan tanah yang hitam lagi subur.

Mula Bertanam

Masa mula-mula pindah ke rumah sendiri (1987, sewa, teres setingkat 3 bilik) saya mula menanam orkid. Ini kerana ayah saya suka menanam orkid jadi saya sendiri nak cuba rasa kenikmatannya.

Apabila sudah berumahtangga (1990), saya dan suami pindah rumah (semi-d dua tingkat 4 bilik.) Dengan laman yang lebih besar, saya dan suami berkongsi hobi menanam pokok. Dalam kesibukan kerja seharian kami menghabiskan banyak masa mengemaskini laman kami. Dengan kehadiran anak-anak kerapian laman rumput di depan rumah menjadi begitu penting. Namun kesukaran yang dihadapi ialah cepatnya rumput dan lalang yang naik. Juga kami dapati kucing jiran sering melepaskan najis di laman rumput kami. Masa ni pokok yang ada cuma pokok bunga kertas yang besar di penjuru depan. Di tepi rumah ada pohon durian belanda dan pokok kelapa. Di belakang pula ada pokok limau nipis gergasi. Pokok-pokok besar sudah memang ditanam oleh tuan rumah sebelum kami.

Saya mula bertanam dengan lebih agresif apabila menghadapi tekanan kerja lebih bermula tahun 2000.